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About Us

Independent Governor Support (IGovS) are a group of ex-National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) who came together after that programme was reformed in 2021. These reforms saw the new programme concentrating heavily on the evaluation of governance, and less on the mentoring, ‘safe space’ conversations, coaching and guidance which as former NLGs we were willing to offer. This aspect of support to Chairs and their boards is crucial to good governance and all members of IGovS did not want the system to lose this support.
We are all Chairs or Vice Chairs in both the maintained and academy sectors with a vast range of skills, knowledge, and experience, meaning we have supported 1000’s of Governors, Trustees, Chairs, Vice Chairs, Heads, CEO, Governance professionals and Clerks over many years in a range of ways. We are based across the country so working virtually means that we can support anyone involved in school governance wherever they are based. Telephone calls, emails, and Direct Messages via Social Media are always welcome. Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram links or will these stay at the top of the page?

Please note: we will do our very best to offer our support and guidance for free. However if a member is asked to travel a significant distance or longer term significant support is needed, then that member is entitled to negotiate a consultancy fee, which will be set independently of this website and of course with the agreement of the supported person or school. 

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