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With GovernorHub and The Key for School Governors, you’ll have a secure place to manage the work of your board(s), and access to expert advice when you need it, all in one place.

Whether you’re a governor, trustee, clerk or governance professional we’ll help you feel confident in your own skills and the output of your board(s). 

Subscription includes:

> A central place to safely store documents and control access, communicate with all members of your board(s) and keep a shared calendar of meetings

> Clear tracking of governance-specific information such as constitution, roles, committees and terms of office, plus database access for larger MATs

Together, we support great governance -  helping more than 100,000 governors, trustees and clerks focus on what matters: making a difference to children and young people in schools.


> Hundreds of practical and timely resources including questions to ask, how-to guides and model policies
> On-demand training courses for new, established and link governors/trustees, so they can confidently support your school or trust


Wherever you are on your Governance journey, the Governors’ Virtual Office, provides a secure collaborative platform to help implement the framework and processes needed for effective Governance. 

Bespoke support from the GVO team is available in conjunction with the mentoring and advice services offered by IGovS.  This powerful combination is designed to help Governing Boards and leaders develop effective communication, collaboration and engagement strategies across their teams, fulfilling both the strategic and statutory duties of Governance.

Evidence of discussion, questioning and strategic challenge can be captured at a document level, providing an excellent evidence base for audit and inspection.  Meetings can be more focused on the strategic matters, and those which have the greatest impact.

Users can ‘Share’ and ‘Subscribe’ to content in the GVO, receiving automated notifications when new comments are added, or content is added – keeping everyone informed and updated.

The sophisticated, but simple to use, security model in GVO ensures that there is clear segregation within a MAT or where specific work needs to take place, managing the delicate balance of both transparency and confidentiality. 

Use GVO to handle the requirements of good Governance and reporting, from the integrated Skills Audit, to the Training and Board Records tools – managing appointment details, meeting attendance and statutory information.

The unique Policy Management tool in GVO brings together the operational and strategic requirements – from the review and approval process through to publishing directly on to the School/Trust website and or shared directly with staff and students, reducing the need to manage multiple versions in multiple places.

GVO provides a platform in which the strategic framework of Governance can be managed.  The design is bespoke to each Board, and aligned with the unique objectives, developed in conjunction with the support and advice offered by the IGovS team. 


Governors for Schools is a charity that finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors and trustees on school and academy boards. We operate across England and Wales, working closely with volunteers, schools, universities, public bodies and business partners to ensure we find suitable matches that produce excellent outcomes for young people.

According to our latest impact measurements, over 97% of schools would recommend Governors for Schools’ services, while 96% report that governors are as skilled as – or even better than – other governors. Such positive results stem from the highly personalised approach we offer. Governors for Schools employs a range of methods to nurture the professional skills of our recruits and equip them with the strategic knowledge necessary to make lasting change in their communities. We provide free access to a range of eLearning, webinars and our annual CPD accredited digital conference for those interested in governance.

Our newly established Trustee Recruitment Service can support you to find trustees for your academy board. We understand that trusts have their own unique governance structures designed to best support each academy. We’ll work with you, taking your trust’s needs and priorities into consideration, alongside the level of expertise and commitment required, before connecting you with a skilled volunteer.

For further information about Governors for Schools and how we could support you, please review our website at: Governors for Schools - Effective Governors, Excellent Schools

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