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IGovS Trustees.

IGovS is an Incorporated Charitable Organisation governed by a Constitution with the objective of:

"For the public benefit, the advancement of education in England and Wales to any person involved with School Governance by providing free support, coaching and mentoring to improve the governance in their own educational setting whether that be maintained schools or academy trusts by putting those needing support directly in contact with our School Governance Experts through the organisation’s website".

As such we have 3 "First Trustees" who are named within the Constitution and 2 additional Trustees who have been appointed for their skill set. These Trustees are elected annually and held to account by the IGovS Members at 2 meetings per year.

The Members are resonsible for setting the stategic direction of the organisation, while the Trustees are responsible for making things happen, growing the organisation and raising funds to support its operations. While the Trustees are also Members of IGovS, they cannot take on any paid work that has been requested through our website, however they can and will offer free support and mentoring to fellow Governors and Trustees. 

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