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IGovs exists to provide free independent support to school governors and trustees, regardless of whether they are in Trusts or maintained schools. Collectively, our consultants have many decades of governance experience and we will match your needs to a suitable expert.

Please note: while we offer a lot of our support and guidance for free, each member has a limit to what they are willing to supply without cost. Most if not all of our Members also provide paid governor support services should you need them but these will be negotiated directly with that member, not through this website.

The examples below are by no means exhaustive. If you do not see the service you require, please contact us  and we will tailor our support to your individual needs


This has more of a focus on improving the performance of the individual in their role. Most often delivered to new-in-post Chairs of Governors. Often focused on specific areas, increasing confidence and improving performance. Areas include, but are not limited to:

a. Keeping to an agenda

b. Conducting an investigation

c. Handling complaints

d. Holding difficult conversations

e. Getting the most out of you board

Our Mentoring Offer.

IGovS recognise that Chairs often take the role at very short notice or in extenuating circumstances and so they may feel that they need some external and independent support, mentoring and coaching. So all of our members are committed to providing the very best mentorship to those Chair of Governors or Trustees for as long as they need it in the early days of their term of office.


These discussions may include:

  • The 3 Core Roles of Governance

  • Situational context

  • Personal governance context and history

  • Board strengths and areas for development

  • Relationships with Executives (HT, EHT, CEO, SLT etc)

  • School/Trust Financial Position

  • Governance Structure

  • Governance Professional/Clerk

  • Meetings and board culture

  • Agendas/Minutes/Governance papers

  • Executive/HT Report to Governors

  • Maintained Status or Future Academisation

  • Academic Partnerships

  • Governor Training

  • Governor Resources/Subscriptions

  • Governor Visits

  • Governor Policies and Compliance

  • MAT Schemes of Delegation

  • Understanding Data

  • Effective working with your Vice Chair and other governors

  • Vision, strategy and values/ethos

  • Evaluation and impact

  • Preparing for Ofsted inspection

  • Culture, ethos and values

  • Self-review and 360 degree review of Chairs performance

  • External Reviews of Governance


If you feel you would benefit from these types of discussions and would like to speak to one of our members on a regular basis, please get in touch using the form on our contact page.

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